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Children of the Night

Accompany auditors Richard Elliott and Jude Levy as they discover improper accounting practices that their client has engaged in, through account-author Peter Ponzio’s gripping and fast-paced story, Children of the Night. Faced with the decision to disclose unethical practices or to condone them, the young men’s decision could lead to tragic consequences. Twenty years later, Jude together with Richard’s son, William, take on another audit with the same client; but this time, they face higher risks and more far-reaching consequences. Will they live to tell it all? Find out in this riveting story.


Around here, reality is what you make it. You want to spout off about some pervasive, all-encompassing, inter-connected network of eyeballs linked together twentyfourbyseven? Go Ahead. Look, it’s a game. The only rule is, don’t be stuck holding the bag at the end of the game. That’s the only cardinal sin; remember that. Don’t be stuck holding the bag at the end of the game. Build something, flip it, get a piece of the action, check-out. That’s all there is to it. In the meantime, turn up the hype meter full blast, and hang on for the ride. The internet at the dawn of the world-wide web; populated by characters that were, well, somewhat eccentric. Take the case of the Peckersniffs, a reverend and his wife who run a religious website which caters to those who succumb to sins of the flesh. Or the Twerdle brothers, whose gaming site also serves as a foundation for the cure of repetitive motion syndrome. Then there’s Mr. Kudzu, who runs the urban clothing outfit known as Bufu, and delights in the irony of an urban clothing outfit founded by an openly gay man. Of course, the web doesn’t develop itself; it needs people to provide infrastructure, programming, and order. Ubiquity Engineering, the highly acclaimed web designing/imagineering firm located in the South of Market district in San Francisco, is a premier web development company, long on imagineering and somewhat short of order. Jonathan Skimpole, head of Ubiquity, provides insights into the world of web development, including his penchant for visioning, meditation and charging large fees for his insights.

Deus Ex

What if. . . We are not alone in the Universe?What if . . . Other planets were settled, but are now barren? What if. . . The struggle for good and evil was not limited to the Earth? What if. . . You were part of an elite group sent to confirm these facts, and then cover them up at any cost? What would you do? Deus Ex is also available at XLIBRIS: DEUS EX
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