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Following are four (4) introductory essays for the Humanities Directory; please click

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Introduction to the First Issue Introduction to the Second Issue Introduction to the Third Issue Introduction to the Fourth Issue
Sing a Mean Tune, Kid


Plato and the Socratic Method Aristotle and the Definition of Man Agamemnon and His Role in the Odyssey Virgil and the Imaging of Man Hawthorne and James:  Nineteenth Century Views of the Old World The Sins of the Fathers Attached to Life Again:  Esther Summerson’s Struggle for Identity and Acceptance in Bleak House Culture in Conflict:  The Tragedy of the Discovery of the New World Richard II:  A Cautionary Tale of the Improper Forms of Kingship Inspirational and Mystical Literature Wordsworth’s Literary Precedents Is The Study of Humanities Relevant? Please use the following link to access the essay “Dickens and the Visual:  Realism and Mimesis in Sketches by Boz.” https://globaljournals.org/GJHSS_Volume14/E- Journal_GJHSS_(A)_Vol_14_Issue_1.pdf